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The New PAGG 2.0

Take a shortcut to Ultimate Fat Loss

Find out what thousands have already discovered. PAGG by Pareto Nutrition is the secret weapon you need to accelerate fat loss like never before. You've already read The 4 Hour Body and you've already made up your mind to commit to the unconventional methods detailed in the book. That's great, but now comes the hard part. how much time do you want to spend tracking down a pile of bottles to build you're own stack?

Since introducing the first all-in-one PAGG on the market 9 months ago, Pareto has shipped thousands of bottles of our signature red and blue pills, and helped our customers burn through tonnes of fat. Many of our customers experienced success with the individual ingredients but then told us that they couldn't handle swallowing 16-20 pills a day. Our PAGG requires you to take only 4 pills a day.

We haven't been sitting still either. We've improved on the original formula for PAGG by increasing the quality of our ingredients, and finding innovative new ways to lower side effects and increase the results.

We're so confident that the Pareto's PAGG is the best PAGG on the market that we offer an industry leading 110% guarantee. Set your skepticism aside, because with that guarantee, the return shipping is not going to cost you anything.

Two things you should insist on in your PAGG stack

I'm going to let you in on two things that will make a big difference in the quality of your stack. Even if for some reason you decided to put your own stack together, trust me and follow this advice.

The best stack uses capsules

Pareto Nutrition's PAGG stack uses capsules for the best bio-availability, optimized absorption and ingredient protection. The capsules are sourced from Capsugel, the world's largest manufacturer of capsules and a division of Pfizer. We use opaque capsules which are colored using a simple food coloring (the same used in sports drinks) to prevent ingredient degredation: ALA for example, degrades quickly if left uncovered and exposed to light and air.

Tablets simply don't provide that protection and don't deliver the ingredients to your body when you need them (if you've ever passed a tablet straight through your system you know what we mean). And don't be fooled by tablets with "proprietary enteric coating method". It sounds good on the label, but it doesn't work so well in your body. Enteric coatings protect tablets so they pass through your stomach before being absorbed. The reason that you time your PAGG dose just prior to a meal is that you want the ingredients to be absorbed quickly so you have high concentrations in your blood when the nutrients from your food enter your bloodstream.

Na-R-ALA is not your dad's ALA

Pareto took a hard look on the research on ALA and decided early on that we could improve on the recommendations. ALA is a great molecule that is vital to your body's metabolism. But, the form that is sold in supplements is synthetic and is actually composed of two forms S-ALA and R-ALA at 50% each. R-ALA is the only form that is found in nature, and it is 22 times more powerful than S-ALA on your body. What this means is thatS-ALA competes with R-ALA when you take a typical ALA supplement. We took the S-ALA out for this reason, meaning that instead of taking 300mg of ALA, you only need 150mg of R-ALA, and it's actually more effective!

Better results with less chance of side effects like acid reflux? Sounds great, but we thought we could do better. It costs a lot more as a raw ingredient but we upgraded our R-ALA to Na-R-ALA without raising our prices. This is the same great R-ALA molecule but it's made more stable by adding a single Na atom. This results in a product that is easier to absorb, much more stable, and less subject to degradation.

Testimonials straight from Amazon

When I was updating this webpage I realized that I should get some testimonials from some of our customers. But then we checked in on the Amazon reviews for our product and found that they were pretty darn good without any editing. Here's some of screenshots of some of our favorites so far.

So what's in a one month supply?

1 bottle containing 78 capsules of AGG. Each capsule contains:

Your dosing schedule for AGG (Na-R-ALA, Garlic, Green tea) is:

Before Breakfast Before Lunch Before Dinner Before Bed
1 capsule 1 capsule 1 capsule 0 capsules

1 bottle containing 26 capsules of PAG. Each capsule contains:

Your dosing schedule for PAG (policosanol, Na-R-ALA, Garlic) is:

Before Breakfast Before Lunch Before Dinner Before Bed
0 capsules 0 capsules 0 capsules 1 capsule

You take 4 capsules a day, 6 days a week.

It couldn't be simpler, one red capsule before meals, one blue capsule before bed.

Now is the time to take action

Here's the bottom line:

  • Pareto Nutrition has a proven track record of exceptional customer service
  • This is simply the most advanced PAGG available
  • It has Na-R-ALA the most advanced form of R-ALA
  • Aged garlic extract for maximum potency and no garlic breath
  • 110% total satisfaction guarantee
  • Free Shipping (including international) if you order 2 months or more
  • Insane discounts for bulk orders

The body you want is waiting for you. There are many things that can help you get there, and PAGG is one of them. With our guarantee there's nothing to lose. Order it today! Our most popular package is our 3 month supply which lets you get the best PAGG on the market for only $65 a month.


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