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The Ultimate Fat Loss Miracle

Try the fat loss formula that the media is going crazy over. PAGG by Pareto Nutrition is the secret weapon you need to accelerate fat loss like never before. You've already heard of The 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferriss, and you've already made up your mind to try out the simple, but effective diet rules detailed in the book. We know you'd rather find an easy formula than deal with buying 5 separate bottles.

Pareto has shipped out thousands of bottles of PAGG world-wide since being the first company to introduce an all-in-one PAGG supplement formula. Our signature red and blue pills let you know that you're getting the best possible PAGG on the market. No one wants to take 16-20 pills a day. PAGG from Pareto requires you to take only 4 pills a day.You can try to gather the separate ingredients by yourself, but doing so ends up costing more money than you think. Not to mention time. I can't tell you how many people I have talked to who planned to get around to taking PAGG but kept putting it off because they didn't have time to do all the research, make sure that the doses and concentrations were correct, that the components they were buying were high quality, and that they would have enough to last.

Since first introducing PAGG last year Pareto has improved the formula. Increasing the potency of the Green Tea Extract used, and improving the Alpha-Lipoic Acid to use the ground-breaking Na-R-ALA variation of this vital ingredient.

We even offer a 110% guarantee. You've got nothing to lose.

PAGG - Rules to follow

If you go out and buy the ingredients separately, that's fine. I'm still going to let you in on a few secrets to make sure that you get the best possible quality in your supplements.

Insist on capsules

Capsules provide the best bio-availability of the key ingredients. Pareto Nutrition's PAGG uses capsules, optimized absorption and ingredient protection. These are made by Capsugel, a company that leads the world in capsule design and manufacture and a former division of Pfizer. The capsules opaque to protect the ingredients from light. ALA can degrade quickly if it is exposed to light. They are colored using standard FDA approved food colors to make it easy to make sure you're taking the right dose at the right time

Tablets don't provide this level of protection, and they can damage the ingredients if done by companies that lack the experience necessary to follow the USP protocols for disintegration (look for a USP number on the label). If you've ever passed a tablet straight through your system you know what we mean, if you haven't consider yourself lucky. Don't be fooled by tablets with "proprietary enteric coating method". It sounds like it might be a good thing, but in your body it doesn't do what you want. Enteric coatings protect tablets from your stomach acid and lets them pass through without being absorbed. That's not good, because the ingredients of PAGG are best absorbed in your stomach and you don't want them to pass through. You also want the ingredients to be absorbed right away. This is why you take the red pills just before a meal, because you want the ingredients of PAGG to be at their peak levels just at the moment you digest your food.

Na-R-ALA is the ultimate form of ALA

The original PAGG formula just specified ALA. The research behind ALA is extensive and impressive. In many western European countries it's even classified as a prescription drug, because it si so affective at improving carbohydrate metabolism. At the same time, R-ALA is a natural compound that is found in all sorts of foods.

And that's where it gets interesting. The synthetic ALA found in most supplements is half R-ALA, which is the form that is found in your body and in food, and half S-ALA, which is synthetic and does your body no good. R-ALA is 22 times more powerful than S-ALA. You don't need the S-ALA, and in fact it will actually make the ALA you take less effective. You can take 150mg of R-ALA instead of 300mg of ALA and it's actually more effective! You'll also be at a lower risk for side effects like acid reflux.

There's one big problem with this. R-ALA can be unstable if handled incorrectly. In fact it can melt into a solid, almost like a plastic if it's exposed to high temperatures. The pressures it's exposed to during the tablet compression process can also do this. Na-R-ALA is a stabilized version of R-ALA that doesn't have this problem, and it much easier to absorb. It costs more for the company that is producing PAGG to use, but it's worth it.

Testimonials straight from Amazon

When I was updating this webpage I realized that I should get some testimonials from some of our customers. But then we checked in on the Amazon reviews for our product and found that they were pretty darn good without any editing. Here's some of screenshots of some of our favorites so far.

So what's in a one month supply?

1 bottle containing 78 capsules of AGG. Each capsule contains:

Your dosing schedule for AGG (Na-R-ALA, Garlic, Green tea) is:

Before Breakfast Before Lunch Before Dinner Before Bed
1 capsule 1 capsule 1 capsule 0 capsules

1 bottle containing 26 capsules of PAG. Each capsule contains:

Your dosing schedule for PAG (policosanol, R-ALA, Garlic) is:

Before Breakfast Before Lunch Before Dinner Before Bed
0 capsules 0 capsules 0 capsules 1 capsule

A red capsule before meals, and a blue one before bed. You only need to take 4 capsules a day, 6 days a week.

Take action Right Now

Here's the bottom line:

  • Pareto Nutrition has a proven track record of exceptional customer service
  • This is simply the most advanced PAGG available
  • It has Na-R-ALA the most advanced form of R-ALA
  • Aged garlic extract for maximum potency and no garlic breath
  • 110% total satisfaction guarantee
  • Free Shipping (including international) if you order 2 months or more
  • Insane discounts for bulk orders

The body you want is waiting for you. There are many things that can help you get there, and PAGG is one of them. With our guarantee there's nothing to lose. Order it today! Our most popular package is our 3 month supply which lets you get the best PAGG on the market for only $65 a month.


on 2+ months